Story of Tina

„My wedding dress story I started my dress journey with an initial visit to a local bridal salon, Brautmoden Peter Vollmer in Munich. My mum, my sister and my maid of honor accompanied me to the appointment. When I entered the bridal salon, I said I don´t want to have a princess dress and I don´t want to have a strapless dress. So the saleswoman told me, that of course, I can try whatever I want but she sees me in a princess dress. So I decided I will trust her and I will give them a chance. I tried on several styles and even after the fourth dress, everyone was sure the saleswoman was right. So it had to be a princess dress, a strapless princess dress. So I tried on again the second dress, and again, everyone was sure, especially me, this is it, this is my dream dress.


So I found my dress during my first appointment, I just tried four dresses and my dream dress was the second one. So for me it wasn´t really difficult to find my dress. I was sure I wouldn´t buy a strapless dress, but I did, and it felt great. I found my dream dress because I decided to trust the professional saleswoman. There was no minute I had doubts about my dress. I always was sure it is the one. So the day I found my wedding dress, was a really special one, but for me even a really easy one. On our big day, the moment I put on the dress with the help of my sister felt so special. I mean every girl dreams of that moment, that one important dress in your life, and here it is. So I went down the aisle with my dad, looked at my husband eyes and I knew, it wasn´t just my dream dress, it was our dream dress. The whole day I felt just awesome. I wore a real princess dress, with a lot of tulle, but still it felt comfortable and even dancing was no problem.


I’m still in disbelief that I got to wear this dress on my wedding day. The end result was perfect for me, and I felt like the luckiest girl alive to marry my husband, and wearing this dress was just the icing on the cake. My wish is for every bride to feel that way on her wedding day. It’s your special day, and the most important thing about your dress? Wear it with confidence and love! I just can recommend “Diane Legrand” and their dresses. So go and buy your dream dress. I´m sure you will find it. Maybe not that fast, but you will, just trust your saleswoman and have fun“


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