Wedding Story of Penelope Wilson

„Wedding days are something you want to make so magical and perfect, sometimes it is hard to have everything you want. But as you know it’s not all about having the extras, its about going into a new chapter with your loved one. (I know I had to keep reminding myself of this!) However, our day was perfect, I can’t believe we are married a year on Sunday already, what an amazing first year it has been. I was so pleased with the minimalist autumn feel that we choose for our wedding and of course the best thing about it was becoming Mrs. Penelope Wilson! (Still feels strange).

For me, the dress was the most important part, I know it’s all about the groom too BUT let’s face it everyone wants to see what the bride is wearing. I went to about four different dress shops, tried on a dozen dresses. In my head I had exactly what I wanted but couldn’t find the perfect one. They were all lovely but just didn’t get the ‘feeling’. The day I went into Sophie Grace Bridal shop I was feeling a little flat, like was I ever going to find the dress? I tried on a couple and it wasn’t until the third dress I felt the spark! (It is a thing!) It was beautiful and I felt like a classy princess which was exactly the look I was going for. I added a couple of extras just to make it personal to me and it just made it even better, even more magical.

Diane Legrand used classic heavy thick beautiful fabric, it was superior! I felt so comfortable and could walk really easily and everything just stayed in place. I would highly recommend this brand and wish I could do it all over again… maybe in 9 years we can renew our vows just so I can have another dress!“


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